New Piercing!


When I was younger I got my ears pierced, a few years later I got two more on my lobes, so recently I thought, why not get another?

Me and my friend headed to Extreme Needle in Covent Garden this weekend to both get a new piercing. I decided to go for a third lobe piercing on one ear, and she went for an auricle piercing. I haven’t had any new piercings in quite some time, plus I am a massive wuss! So naturally I was super nervous about getting this done.

I’d spent a lot of time researching places which had good reviews and good reputations which I completely recommend. Piercings are painful and take a while to heal, so you want to make sure they’ve been done to a good standard! Also having researched it, I learnt that it is a lot better for you to get pierced using a needle, NOT a piercing gun . Piercing guns cannot be sterilized, but also can cause tissue trauma because the gun forces a blunt stud through the skin. Plus it takes very little time to be trained to use one.

A professional piercer goes through training that can last up to two or more years and they will always use a needle instead of a gun.A needle can be properly sterilized , and it’s so sharp it doesn’t cause the same trauma that a gun might. Obviously some people are fine when they get their piercings done with a gun , but it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take this time!

So we turned up about 1:30 to Extreme Needle, and this place was so popular there was already an hour long queue for piercings! So we left our details and went to get some lunch , then popped back. The lady who did the piercings was super lovely and reassuring, especially since I’d told her how nervous I was. I’d worked myself up a lot so it didn’t hurt as much as I expected, but oww it did still hurt!



After having it done she explained all the after care and even gave me a sheet explaining the healing process, for me to take away. I also brought some saline solution from them to clean it with.

Overall I’m really happy with it, I think it looks so pretty and hopefully it’ll heal well, fingers crossed!



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