Loughborough Dance Competition!

Ever since I’ve been a little girl, I have always absolutely loved dance. I joined AU Dance when I moved to Loughborough university, and can honestly say it has been one of the best university experiences I’ve had! Being with 150 other people who also love dance is so much fun, and one of the highlights of the year is the competition!

Loughborough university hosts the UK’s largest inter university dance competition, with over 30 universities and 1200 dancers attending. The competition lasts all weekend with Ballet,Tap,Wildcard,Latin and Jazz being judged on the Saturday, and contemporary and hip hop being judged on the Sunday. The judges this year were Kane D. Ricca, Kate Thompson, Corinne Holt and last but not least Lukas McFarlane (Got to Dance winner 2014 !

Got To Dance Series 04 Live Final Lukas ©Sky1/Justin Downing

Being away on placement meant this year I wasn’t competing , but nothing stopped me travelling back up to watch it. I wasn’t going to miss out on such a dance packed weekend! All the universities who attended were so talented and there were some truly incredible dancers! Nottingham stuck out to me, bringing some stunning dances to the competition.

As a university Loughborough did super well , and I couldn’t have been prouder cheering everyone on! Overall we received:

3rd – Novice Ballet, Advanced Tap , Novice Contemporary

2nd – Advanced Ballet, Novice Tap , Wildcard, Latin

1st – Advanced Jazz

So overall as a club we were really pleased! This was also the first year we’ve ever placed in Contemporary so that was something to celebrate. My favourite dance of ours was Wildcard, which is a category it which you can enter pretty much whatever you want, and we usually like to do a mixture of styles! This year we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which included ballet , tap and hip hop.


It was such a great weekend and a definite highlight was watching Lukas McFarlane perform a contemporary solo to Sia – Alive. It left me speechless! It really made me miss dance though so I can’t wait to get back to University so I can get dancing again! Until then I guess I’ll just have to stick to watching Dance Moms on repeat!


Comment below on your favourite style of dance to do / watch!



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