5SOS Sounds Live Feels Live Soundcheck Experience

Hey guys!

So on Thursday me and my sister travelled down to the London O2 arena for 5 Seconds of Summer’s Sounds Live Feels Live concert! I bought these tickets back in October so obviously this is something I’ve been so excited for for a few months, I was lucky enough to get front row soundcheck tickets as well so I knew it was going to be an amazing day. Here’s a sneek peek as to how close we were ( no zoom!!) :


We turned up to the O2 arena about 2:10pm and long queues were already beginning to form. I was told the check in for soundcheck would be from 2 – 4:20 pm and then we would be taken through at 4:30pm. I was also told we would get “Priority access to merchandise area before doors”. Merch wise I think the priority access was purely just arriving early for soundcheck to beat the queue’s, I might be wrong , but from what I saw , that was the case. Me and my sister noticed there looked like 2 queues forming, so naturally we joined the shortest queue, because at the time we were given no guidance on which to join.

At about 2:20pm our queue alone started moving forward, at the time we just thought we were the lucky queue! But when we finally got to the front to check in , we were told we were in the queue for people with standing tickets, which we did not have ( ours were seated). Luckily the organiser was super nice and told us we could stay in the queue we were in since she didn’t want to send us to the back of the seated queue ( which was about 3 times the size of the standing one). This turned out to be such a lucky incident because once we had all checked in , and all the seated people were checked in, we got taken through first! All the standing people ( and us) got placed in the centre block of seats in front of the stage , and the seated people got sat in the left and right hand side blocks, so the standing people got a better deal seat wise for soundcheck.

After a good 10 minutes of waiting the boys finally came out on stage! They all saidhi and started out by playing two songs, Outer Space and Long Way Home. Then they sat down in front of us and did a Q&A.


Despite doing my best Hermione impression and holding my hand up higher than I thought humanly possible, I didn’t get to ask a question , but some cool questions were asked and the guys were so funny and chatty. They then played Catch Fire and headed off.


We were then filtered away with the standing bunch, where we awkwardly had admit we
weren’t standing tickets so were shooed away to were everyone else was waiting. We then grabbed a bite to eat, we were lucky enough that when we asked an O2 employee which way to go to find our seats, he offered us wristbands into the O2 vip bar , the blueroom, while we waited since we had VIP tickets. This bar was a snazzy hangout room with sofa’s, music and football tables, so since we were in no rush we played a bit of table football and hung out for a bit!


At about 7:15 we went to our seats, we were front row of the centre block so we were insanely close to the stage! Jessarae performed and he was cool! We’d actually seen him earlier when we were queueing up as he did a little walk about acoustic performance. Then after a long wait, 5SOS finally appeared! A few times when they came forward they were literally metre’s from us, they were so close! And I swear Luke and Michael definitely made eye contact with me (at least I hope so … a girl can dream right? ) . I managed to get some super good photos and have a great video of the guys singing a new song called bangers and mash! Overall it was one of the most surreal and amazing nights of my life, and to be honest I still have major post concert depression right now! Here are some of my favourite shots :

the guys


Let me know if you’ve seen the concert / or just love the band and their music!



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