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Not Playing by the (diet) Book

Hey guys!

So a little while ago I posted about how I was starting my new weight loss journey, and honestly it’s been pretty difficult. This is because I feel like I made a lot of mistakes starting off, but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. Picture a runner at the beginning of a marathon, they trip when they start and push off the blocks, but instead of giving up, they’ve persevered and pulled it back and are well on their way! I like to think that’s me (cheesy I know).

I thought the best thing to do was to summarise what I’ve learnt so far.

1. Diet books aren’t really worth it.

I bought myself Charlotte ‘s Live fast lose weight,  to try and help me kick start my weight loss journey, but you know what ? I didn’t need it. And chances are you won’t need a book on dieting either. You know why? Because deep down you already know everything that’s probably going to be written in those books, chances are you won’t read anything new. The only thing the book was good for was ideas for recipes that’d suit me, I haven’t exclusively tried any set recipes directly from the book.
Here’s another reason these books are useless, I’m not made of money!! I’m a student! I can’t afford to buy chicken, beef, prawns,  salmon along with everything else every week! But meat is a staple part of most recipes, along with like 10 other ingredients for just one meal. It’s not feasible for me to buy all that.

no book.jpg

2. Don’t go from 0-100 overnight

It is a really really bad idea to change your lifestyle overnight, it takes time to do it right. I tried to run before I could walk, I tried to cut out everything bad from my diet in one go, and you know what? It was miserable. All I want to do was say “stuff it” and order a dominos. I had to start over, to eat what I wanted but a healthier version of it and it was so much easier! I set myself cheat days, so I have something to look forward to. Having cheat days doesn’t hurt! Think of it in reverse , if you eat unhealthy 6 days a week and eat healthy for just one day, is anything going to change? No. So if you eat healthy for 6 days and have a day of eat less healthy, will that change anything? Still no. TREAT YO’SELF.



3. Find exercise that works for you


This has been a tough one for me. Usually I get my exercise through dance classes, however things have been very different this year, since I’m on a work placement. I now have a full time job, and live in one of the most expensive areas in the country, in the worlds quietest town. I can’t afford, nor do I have the energy after a full day’s work, to do a dance class. So I’ve had to find other ways to get exercise. I did join a gym for a few months, but the student rate was still £40 a month, which was just too much , especially since most days I was too tired to go. So I quit, saved myself some money and did home workouts. My favourite ones currently are Lucy Wyndham Read’s, she does a variety of long and short workouts, targeting so many different areas, and they require no equipment! She’s also a great motivator, and all her workouts are different so I never find myself getting bored.



4. Don’t keep track and don’t weigh yourself.


It can’t be just me that eats one super healthy meal, then resists the urge to run to the mirror / scales , as if I’ll see any significant changes. If you want to do things right, it takes time. When it comes to losing weight, the quicker things are done, the quicker things can be reversed. Drastic weight loss is not good for you , it takes time, so it’ll take time before you notice changes too.

If you try keep track all the time, it’s demoralising, because you’ll only see minor change. You just need to forget about it, the changes themselves will become evident, and it’ll be a much nicer surprise. Maybe those jeans that fit you last month are a little baggy now? For me it was when I got weighed at the doctors three months ago, and again this month. I wore very much the same clothes both times, except the first time , since I was wearing a jumper and chunky boots, she reduced my weight slightly when she recorded it. This time, nothing was taken off my weight and I weighed just under what was recorded last time! RESULT.



Everyone is so different and so unique, so following certain weight loss routines won’t work well for you , where it may work well for others. Don’t follow things to a T, adapt things to work for you. All in all, I’m doing my best to forget I’m trying to lose weight, because the more I think about it , the sadder I get because I don’t think it looks like I’ve lost anything. I’m looking at this whole thing as a change of lifestyle more than anything, I’m not keeping track of things, just making healthier changes, that I’m happy with, wherever I can.

Let me know your thoughts and comments!



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