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May Favourites

Hey guys!

Thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from this month! I haven’t bought too much this month since there have been so many birthday’s , but some of the things I have bought I have LOVED.

Too Faced Sex and Chocolate Set


For anyone who read my ‘Benefit vs Urban Decay : Mascara’ post you’ll know that I’ve been on the lookout for my favourite high end mascara to buy, so when I saw this Sex and Chocolate set on offer I had to snap it up. The set contains a sample of Too Faced’s Better than Sex mascara and a sample of their Chocolate Soleil bronzer and oh my gaaawdd am I in love! This mascara is a game changer, with just one coat my lashes are so dark, so long and have so much volume, they honestly rival having false lashes on. The formula can get a little clumpy but I’m willing to look past it. The bronzer also is so fantastic, my latest bronzer purchase was such a disappointment as it lacked pretty much any pigment, whereas this stuff packs a punch. And it smells like freaking chocolate?! So much win.


Mac’s Mehr


Having fallen in love with my most recent Mac lip purchases, I’ve been itching to get myself another. I’ve never been a lipstick wearer but Mac’s matte collection has won me over and I’ve found nude brown lips have been the most flattering on me. However Mauve has been such a big trend recently , as I mention in my ‘Summer Must Have : Naked 3 Palette‘ post, that I thought I’d go out of my comfort zone and look for a dusky pink colour. Mehr seemed to be the colour that appeared most when I searched around, I umm’ed and ahh’ed about it for weeks before taking the plunge and buying it on-line, having not tried it. But YAY I love it! It was exactly what I wanted, a lovely deep matte pink, and it’s now possibly my new favourite lipstick, move over Velvet Teddy! Despite being matte I haven’t found this to be drying at it and it’s extremely long wearing, I haven’t stopped wearing it.


Garnier’s Micellar ‘On the go’ size.


Not too long ago I switched to using make up wipes to remove my make up, purely because I found they were so much better at fully getting rid of everything. However I always hear of people saying that make-up wipes should be a no-go, and that Micellar water is the way forward. So I grabbed this little bottle when it was on offer and I have already used half of it! The size is great for me as I travel a lot so it fits in my wash bag nicely, but it also means I’m getting through it pretty rapidly. It works well though, I find it removes all my make-up pretty effortlessly and hasn’t been bad for my skin. It’s now become a definite must have for me, so I need to invest in a bigger bottle!


Sasy n Savy Facial Toner


My last beauty item is the Sasy n Savy facial toner, I was lucky enough to be sent this by the company, along with a few other samples, but this one has been the one to stick out. I like to give my skin a quick wipe over with this before I head to bed, and my skin is seeming to love it. The smell is very subtle which I like , because I’m really not a fan of putting products with strong scents on my face! The downside is this company is Australian and they’re branching out to the UK, but their UK site seems to have a few glitches. I have tweeted them to make them aware so hopefully they’ll look into that pretty soon.


Me Before You


Ever since seeing the trailer for this film a few months ago, I’d been dying to read the book, so since I had to make the trek from Surrey all the way to Newcastle this month, I decided to buy it for some train time reading. I could not put this book down. It is such a sweet, uplifting and fantastically written book, I thought it’d be your typical predictable romance , but it really wasn’t. I was honestly gripped for start to end, and I really don’t remember the last time I was so emotionally invested in a book! Now I seriously can’t wait for the film , because the casting looks so spot on and I love watching books I’ve read come to life on screen. There is a sequel to this book but personally I’m not interested in reading it, I found this book amazing as a standalone story and I think it ended at a perfect point.




On the subject of book’s, I stumbled across the site Bookbub only last week, and it has to be my new favourite thing right now! Bookbub is a site where you give your email and book genre preferences, and they send you a daily newsletter of current offer’s on books that may be of interest to you. I live for stuff like this, I am such a massive bookworm who loves to try different books, so this newsletter is incredible. I have already read one book ( which I got for free on kindle) since subscribing, and am already a good way through the sequel to it. You can even tell the site your favourite authors and it’ll notify you if any of their works are on offer. Did I also mention it’s FREE to sign up! Why did I not find this site sooner?

Let me know your thoughts and what you’ve been loving!




6 thoughts on “May Favourites

  1. I love the cover of the book. Whean I heard about the movie, I was sure there must be a book too. I am glad you liked it. I can´t wait until it is in my local library so I could read it too 🙂

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