My June Birchbox

Hey guys!

So this week I received my June Birchbox and this is my third box now! I wasn’t all too impressed with May’s box so I didn’t show it. I liked the design but you have to scratch off the material to reveal it which I’ve given up on because it was taking so long and was so messy. A cute idea in theory but a bit of a pain in the bum in practice. The reason I decided to keep going with these boxes though is that I do enjoy getting it each month , it’s like a mini box of presents, plus the points system where you get points for reviewing items to spend in their shop is super good. I currently have £10 worth of points to redeem which I might use to treat myself to The Balms Mary – Lou Manizer!

DSCN0656 edit.jpg

Anyway, on with this month’s box! I have to admit I was in love with both of the designs, they’re so summery and fun, the one I received was the pink box with pineapples on. I admit I would’ve like a choice like we got with April’s box, as I would have chosen the other design, but hey ho! The design of mine is still super pretty, and a welcome addition was that it came as a drawer style box. So instead of lifting the lid off, you pull out the drawer and all your products are in there. This makes the products so much more accessible since I have mine piled up on my bookshelf. At the bottom of the drawer was some thick padding to provide the products some protection, since this month they didn’t come in the usual drawstring bag.

PicMonkey Collage

The products I received were POP beauty eye shadow trio , Jelly Pong Pong Lip/Cheek cream in CakePop , Absolution Le Nettoyant Pureté cleanser, Percy and Reed Hairspray and Bionike Defence Tolerance cleansing water. My favourite product from this box would be the POP beauty eye shadow trio , all 3 colours are so beautiful and pigmented. They’re very creamy and blendable, and when worn with a primer they last well throughout the day. Another product I quite like is the Jelly Pong Pong lip/cheek cream although it is rather bright. I don’t tend to go for bright colours on my lips but this could look really nice for when I’m away on holiday. I would never use this on my cheeks though, its way too bright! My only downside for these two products was that I found the packaging to look a bit naff, they looked like products I’d find free in a magazine I used to get when I was 12.

PicMonkey Collage 2.jpg
The POP beauty eye-shadows on the left, and swatches in the middle. A swatch of the Jelly Pong Pong Lip/Cheek cream on the right.

One product I’m neither here nor there about is the hairspray, it’ll be really handy for travelling and on the go as it fits well into a handbag, it’s just it isn’t something I really needed. The two products I don’t really care about are the cleansers. I don’t really need them right now and it seems to be a common product in these boxes. However they might turn out to be good , I haven’t noticed any outstanding results yet though!

DSCN0691 edit

Overall all this box was fairly good, a few nice products and the design of the box was really nice, I still think they’re a good value for money, I’m also looking forward to getting a full size John Frieda hair product next month. Let me know if you guys subscribe to any beauty boxes! If you want to sign up to birchbox here’s a code to get yourself £5 worth of points right off the bat!

The quiz I’ve chosen to go with this post is a super random one , since my box was decorated in pineapples, I found this random pineapple quiz! “Which TV Pineapple are you?”. I got the pineapple in Friends! Let me know what you guys got!


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