How to Decorate your Uni Room

Hey guys!

So as some of you may know , I’m currently out on placement this year, but I will be heading back to University to do my final year in September, eep!! I’m super excited to get back, and one thing I love about going back to uni is getting a new room. I’m one of those people who loves to go all out when decorating their room, it’s my happy place! But obviously since it’s a rental space there are many limitations. So I’ve put together a list of for those heading to uni next year, in a rental space, or those who need a little inspiration for any room.

Pick a colour scheme

Uni rooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but one thing that always makes a room look put together is a common colour scheme. For my second year I went with a blue & pink theme. Colour wise , bed sheets are a good focal point, so a good place to start too. I picked my bed sheets (blue with a pink floral pattern) then decided to accessorise around that.




To save a bit of your hard earned cash, why not put your DIY brain into gear and see if there’s anything you could revamp ? To go with my blue themed room I had a cork-board that was laying around in the garage unused, that I decided to paint blue to match my bed sheets. Took hardly any time at all and looked super effective!

They had it on eBay

Now I don’t know about you but I am an eBay fanatic. You can get things on there for spectacularly cheap! I got myself some really cute floral bunting from there which was a nice way to accessorise the room, for the steal price of just a few pounds. I also got myself a light pink swirly pencil holder for a couple of quid too.  You really can find some steals on there if you know what you’re looking for.



Fairy lights galore!

I know everyone always mentions fairy lights but honestly they just add a little extra something to a uni room. Luckily my sister had some pink fluffy ones that she no longer wanted , so I gladly took them off her hands, especially since they matched my colour scheme. I also have multi-coloured lights! You can find fairy lights in sooo many shops for a really good price, and they are definitely worth it.


Green Thumb?

One thing I love in rooms is plants. If well looked after they can completely transform a room! Whether you go for a big plant, or a small set of succulents , they add a little life to a room. Not green thumbed? Get artificial plants , less hassle but still a pretty decoration. I liked having flowers in my room whenever I could, which wasn’t often, but it lightened up the room when I had them.


Picture Perfect

This one depends on how strict your halls/landlord is. I had a few posters up in my room in second year, and a giant ass wall sticker up above my bed , but luckily this was ok. My room hadn’t been repainted in so long, and the previous occupants had seriously gone to ham on the blue-tack on the walls so my additions didn’t make a lot of difference (I didn’t even try taking the sticker down, the girls who viewed the house loved it, plus I had a feeling the room was getting repainted anyway, I wouldn’t recommend this though as I may have got lucky). First year in halls however I was more cautious, so a good way to get around this is to stick the photos elsewhere with white-tack so marks are almost none existent. Think doors wardrobes,  furniture etc . Or even hang them with little clips on bunting or fairy lights?

Cushions a plenty

One way to make a bed look super cosy and enticing is many many cushions, the more the better. I didn’t have too many , but mum did get me a couple that matched my bed sheets in second year, and they just added a little extra something something to the bed. Next year I definitely need more!

I’ll definitely have to keep you guys posted when I move into my new room , I’m currently thinking about a light grey theme with either pink or yellow, with some copper accents ? But I’m yet to make my mind up.

Try this quiz to see which dream house you should live in! I got one where the porch overlooks the hills of Bali , daaaamn that’d be beautiful, a girl can dream right?

As always let me know your thoughts and quiz results and please like and subscribe!






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