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My Holiday Diaries – Part 1

Hello guys! Long time no speak!

Sorry I’ve been gone a while, I have had a tough last few weeks of work I had to get through so things have been hectic. But ALAS my placement is FINALLY over yaaaaayy *happy dances* . Also as you may have guessed from the title, I’ve been on holiday! I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed this break, it came at the right time and honestly was the best holiday I’ve been on.


So this year me and my family took a 2 week holiday to the island of Zakynthos , or as you may know it – Zante. Zante is one of the Greek islands and boy oh boy was it hot! It was about 32 – 36 degree’s every day! It was also such a beautiful island, rich with so much greenery as well as lovely beaches.


So I thought I’d fill you in on some of my favourite bits of the holiday, along with my favourite outfits and some of my holiday essentials. This will be a two part post since I don’t want to cram everything into one post.



Parents Anniversary

This was such a lovely special day for us all, it was our parents Silver wedding anniversary. My parents bought new rings for the occasion and said some sweet words to each other while they exchanged them on the beach.  SO CUTE. We decided to get dressed up that evening and go for some cocktails before a nice meal out. I wore one of my favourite outfits of the holiday which was a white frill bardot top and some pink floral culottes.

Top from Missguided and Culottes from New Look


Greek Night

One night we decided to do a traditional Greek night atop one of the hills in Zante. This involved Greek food, Greek dancing and Greek music! We reached the restaurant on the top of the hill and the view from the place was amaaazing.


We then had a Greek salad for starters and some Pork Kebab things for main . Then a few dancers came out and did some traditional Greek dancing. And then it happened. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION *sobs*. We got dragged up to awkwardly conga style dance around the restaurant. Then we all got in a dance off style circle, and the guy dancer starts walking towards mum, as if to drag her into the middle, I begin to laugh but alas I was wrong to laugh. Because he grabbed ME and dragged ME into the middle of the circle. Karma. It was good fun though , and we all got to smash some plates too!

This night I wore a new jumpsuit I bought from the New Look sale.

New Look Jumpsuit (similar) 

Thanks for reading , PART TWO  to come soon which will be about a boat trip around the island and my last day *cries*.

Feel feel to try this quiz for where should your next holiday be. I got Costa Rica, which looks STUNNING but eep looks like a long flight, and I”m TERRIFIED  of flying 😦

Please like and leave a comment , much love!!



7 thoughts on “My Holiday Diaries – Part 1

    1. It was so lovely, I’m dying to go back! Holidays are the best aren’t they 😀 Thank you , I was a bit unsure about buying it at first but glad I did ! Love your post on Lush bath bombs btw , makes me wanna go out and buy some ☺️


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