Mini Haul ft Morphe & Jeffree Star

Hey guys!

So recently I caught a bit of a shopping bug and treated myself to a few bits and pieces. I promise I am TRYING to save money, I’m just super bad at saving , oops! But , in fairness to me, nothing I bought cost over £20 so I did get some good deals. Without further ado, let’s get into all the goodies I bought!

Lisa Angel Necklace

Recently it was my friends birthday, so me and another friend clubbed together to buy her a necklace. It was this gorgeous necklace by Lisa Angel that I bought from ‘Not on the High Street’ , once it arrived I was FLOORED by how pretty it was, so I took to Twitter to fangirl about it. To my delight Student Beans told me they did 15% student discount for Lisa Angel products! WIN!

So I went over to the Lisa Angel site and was once again floored by how many beautiful products they have , from jewellery to homeward, seriously I WANT IT ALL. But I reigned myself in and decided to treat myself to a necklace (I’m going to get some homeward after I move in to my new house at uni soon). It’s this beautiful silver drop necklace dipped in Rose gold, with my initial on it. And it was only £15!? WHAAAT. Bargain.


Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick in Watermelon Soda

So being a sour little English blogger over here,  I’ve been envying Americans for the fact they can so easily order Jeffree Star & Kylie Cosmetics products without paying HORRENDOUS shipping fees *sobs*. I’ve had my eye on Jeffree’s liquid lipsticks for so long now and was pretty bummed when Cocktail Cosmetics (the only UK supplier) decided to stop stocking them.

But then came Beauty Bay to save the day!  They’ve recently started stocking a few of his liquid lipsticks, so I thought I’d take the plunge. Now I’m a serious Nude lip junkie, but I’ll admit when he released his summer collection, Watermelon Soda stole a bit of my heart. So I got it, why not ey?

It arrived and it looked like a BRIGHT pink so I was a little apprehensive, but on my lips it comes up as a corally reddy colour, oh lord it’s so hard to explain, it’s just beautiful ok? So I am looking to do a separate blog post on this so I can talk about it in more detail!
Morphe 600 12 Piece Sable Brush Set

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for some new makeup brushes, and Morphe is a brand I hear a lot about , so I thought I’d give them a go. I did skimp a bit though with this set as its uber cheap , but for the price the quality doesn’t seem too bad. It comes with 12 brushes, mainly eye / eyebrow brushes but it does have a few face brushes , and a fan brush (I’ve wanted one for AGES).

Now I have heard mixed reviews about this set, mainly to do with quality. But at the end of the day this set cost £11.25 so that’s just under a pound per brush, so you can’t expect the world right? Personally so far the quality seems fine to me, not life changing but not awful either. The brushes are all soft and the ones I’ve tried do their job well! However they do look like they may shed. But as I said £11.25, it’s a steal right? Get them here

The Morphe 35OS Palette 

AHH I’m so excited about this one. As a bit of an eyeshadow fanatic I already own so much eyeshadow so I was a bit like “do I need this?”. I already own the 3 Naked palettes (neutral eyeshadows are my LIFE) so I thought, will this bring me much more than them? So I took to YouTube to see what others had to say about it and saw Tati (aka Lifestyle Guru) had done a video on it. I LOVE her, she’s so honest and straight talking about products so I really trust her opinion, and she was raving about the palette! So obviously I had to have it haha.

Personally I love shimmer shadows , I always reach for them over matte colours , they just work for me. So that’s what sold me on this palette over the 35O or 35Om , 35 shimmer shades? Come at me! (Plus I heard the Morphe mattes are a bit hit and miss). It arrived and I was super happy, the colours are all so pretty, and after having a little play , I can confirm they are super pigmented, blend able and so lovely! I also want to do a blog post on this so you guys can see some beautiful swatches! Did I mention by the way it’s only £19.50!? Due to demand its out of stock but keep checking the link here as they get new batches!
September Birchbox

Can we just take a moment to think right now, like HOW is it September already? Whaaat. This also marks my sixth Birchbox woo, I can’t stop getting them, I’m not the only one who loves sample sized stuff right? Anyway I was pretty happy with this months box, the design is so lovely and they brought the drawer style box back wahoo!! As usual I liked 3/5 products and 2/5 I’m not too fussed about. The highlighter trio I received I liked, plus the batiste volume spray will come in handy. But I am super excited to try the Laura Mercier face primer!!

The other products were a moisturiser and a shower gel. Bare in mind I own 2.5 kg worth of Lush shower gel and endless body butters, these products weren’t really needed! Regardless I will keep getting these boxes because I do love getting them.

If you fancy joining Birchbox use this link to immediately gain 50 points (£5 worth) , after you’ve reviewed your first box you’ll then have £10 worth of points to spend in the shop which includes many great brands like spectrum and benefit!! Plus you get a free bracelet too if you sign up this month..
SO that’s my little haul of treats! I’m still on the lookout for better brushes so let me know your favourites! Please like and comment, I love hearing from you !



2 thoughts on “Mini Haul ft Morphe & Jeffree Star

  1. Such a lovely haul! I think you’ve gotten quite a collection going on in this post alone but it all sounds great. I’m sorry that you’re stuck with the horrendous shipping fees because that is just never a fun thing. I feel your pain when there is something I want but it has to come from overseas. Jeffree Star is a brand I’m hearing more and more about and although the color looks way pink thanks for sharing that it came out a bit more coral. (:

    Single Vegas Girl

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much! Yeah shipping costs are such a pain but as brands grow they are expanding and moving more to the UK so it’s getting better ☺️ I swear the liquid lipstick looks a little different every time I try it ! But it’s still super wearable 💕


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