Morphe 35OS Palette ft Shadow Switch

Hey guys!
Long time no speak, how have you been? Good yeah same! I’m sorry I’ve mean missing for a while, I’ve started back up at university and my timetable is horrendous! I couldn’t be more busy if I tried , but alas I want to keep this blog going strong so here I am , back with another post for you lovely lot.

So as you may have seen in my Mini Haul post I purchased the Morphe 35OS palette. I’ve heard so many people raving about the whole Morphe 35 line, whether it’s the mixed palette, the matte one or the shimmer, everyone seemed to be losing it for these eyeshadows! Naturally as someone with glitter on the brain, I was drawn to the shimmer palette, 35 beautiful sparkly shades, COUNT ME IN. But before giving into the hype I took to YouTube to see what other people had to say about this specific palette and all I saw were glowing reviews. So I took to beauty bay and hopped on that bandwagon! 

When the palette arrived I was like a kid at Christmas, I looked like that emoji with hearts for eyes, it was just too pretty! I’ll admit I was a little overwhelmed because there were so many shades I had nooo idea where to start, and the first look I created was not successful purely because the colours I picked didn’t quite work together. The thing with this palette is that although many shades look the same, they all have different undertones and finishes so once applied look very different. So it requires a little playing around to figure out what works with what (I actually keep a screenshot of swatches on my phone of all the colours so when I come to use the palette I know what each colour comes out like). 

I am so so impressed with this palette though, considering it retails at £20 and for that you are getting 35 good quality shadows ( that works out at roughly 60p a shadow!?) I think it’s pretty damn incredible. The colours are all so gorgeous and pigmented , but also are so perfect for creating beautiful autumnal makeup looks! The photos don’t do them justice , so I took a video and LOOK AT THAT SHINE! Some people may say shimmer shadows aren’t for everyday but they’re so wrong, I mean who wouldn’t want to be a fabulous glittery queen everyday? If anything my boring lectures need that added sparkle!

One thing I recently received in the post from the lovely people at beauty essentials, that goes hand in hand with this palette, is a dry brush cleaner! This concept was very new to me until recently when I saw this product circulating amongst fellow beauty bloggers, so when approached by the company I was super keen to give it a go myself. 

It’s called the shadow switch, and what it does is eliminate the need to switch between eyeshadow brushes whenever you use a different colour shadow. I don’t know about you guys but I have a favourite brush I like to use, and this product allows me to use that same brush for multiple shadows, simply by swirling the brush in this shadow switch. It’s essentially a rough sponge that picks up any leftover powder on your brush, leaving it clean and ready for another fabulous shade.

This means you don’t need to wash your brushes as often however you still need to wash them regularly for hygiene reasons, and the same goes for this sponge , which needs replacing every couple of months. But this little beauty is definitely a must have for upping your killer eyeshadow game! Grab one at amazon here.

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