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Hey guys!

Happy December! We all excited for Christmas? I KNOW I AM WOO! I just want to apologise again for the lack of posts, I can’t believe how hectic final year of uni has been, I have had coursework left, right and centre and barely a moment to breathe, but very soon I’ll 3 weeks off so hopefully I can be a bit more active. HOPEFULLY.

So this post I wanted to show you my little recent collection of Zoella goodies. I’ll admit as soon as Zoe announced that her latest Zoella Beauty range was a gingerbread scented Christmas range, I was so hyped! Gingerbread is one of my favourite christmassy scents I couldn’t resist. Last year I decided to make gingerbread, the recipe said it made around 30 biscuits but 70 biscuits later, with mixture to spare but a serious lack of storage, I had to stop, but we had gingerbread for days!!

So here’s what I’ve got!

From left to right we have Ginger Cream, Bake My Day and Hungry Hands. Ginger Cream is body cream for moisturising your skin, Bake my Day is a fragranced body mist and Hungry Hands is a hand cream. as mentioned earlier everything is gingerbread scented with a hint of vanilla.

I absolutely adore these 3 products, Zoe really nailed it with this line! Both the body and hand cream contain shea butter and vitamin E, which make them super moisturising and nourishing for the skin. Also the scent stays fragrant on your skin for a decent amount of time, giving everyone you walk past a good ‘ole whiff of Christmas. The body mist does this too, and luckily the scent is super light and not overpowering, which is great considering how sweet it is.

The ginger cream and bake my day came as a set for £10 and hungry hands came on it’s own for £5. You can shop the range here at Superdrug.

Next up is some Zoella lifestyle pieces I have. Now I’ll openly admit I wasn’t as excited for this launch, I thought everything looked gorgeous because I love the whole grey copper and orange theme. But in my personal opinion, everything was just a little too pricey for my liking. But as the saying goes ‘good things come to those who wait’ and eventually things went on sale, wahoooo! So firstly I got the organiser.

So pretty right! I got this because I was able to get 20% student discount, and could redeem some superdrug loyalty points so it didn’t cost it’s original £10. Also the colours went perfectly with my grey and mauve room haha. My favourite parts of it are the little post-its and the big plans list, since I’m so forgetful and they help me attempt to somewhat organise my life.

The main part of the collection that caught my eye was her grey bag. Annoyingly I don’t have pictures of the bag since the lighting in my house is appalling and the weather here has been so grim, booo. But I do have pictures of the goodies that came with it! The bag itself is super lovely, but isn’t the most functional, there aren’t any little pockets in it so because it’s a deep bag, small things get lost at the bottom! Also it’s a drawstring bag, which reminds me of seat belts, really friggin stubborn when you’re in a hurry. This bag is not one for those days when you’re in a rush. In the bag came a travel mug, some pencils and a key ring.

These are all lovely looking pieces, consistent with the grey and copper theme. I particularly like the travel mug, however there isn’t any way to cover the drink hole on the lid, so you can’t walk with too much purpose else your drink sloshes up and makes a break for it.  But it does keep your drink warm, I walked from home to uni (which is about 20 minutes) and by the time I was in lecture my green tea was still nice and warm. The bag with all these goodies retails for £50 but I managed to get this on sale from boots a while bacl for £26 roughly. It’s currently on sale if you click here for £30 YAY DEALS.

So let me know if any of you lot have any Zoella beauty or lifestyle products and tell me what you think! Don’t forget to like and subscribe!



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