Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Hi all!

So as most of you may not know, a week ago I went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in the west end, eeepp!! No exaggeration … IT WAS AMAZING. I can’t recommend seeing it enough!

As I child I was obsessed with Harry Potter, it was my favourite book/film series. Even now I still love it and have been to the studio tour four times already (don’t judge) and plan to go again since they’re adding on the forbidden forest ( I said don’t judge). This play just reaffirmed my love for it! Though five hours in the worlds most cramped seat was definitely a challenge. I bought these tickets in October 2015, so 16 months ago, crazy right? At the time me and my friend couldn’t afford amazing seats so when we got to the theatre we found our seats to be situated in the high heavens but at least they were dead centre! This didn’t spoil anything though we still got the full experience!

I can’t say much because the tagline is literally #keepthesecret but I can say it’s unbelievable and if you can get your hands on tickets I wouldn’t hesitate to go.

ALSO some exciting news, I made my YouTube debut and decided to vlog the day! Please feel free to give my video a watch and like and don’t forget to subscribe 😀


Let me know if you’re planning on seeing it or have seen it already!!



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