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Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection

Hey guys!
So since I haven’t been very active this year, I decided to make some time to write up a review of one of my favourite brands of makeup. This being Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Now before I begin I want to address the controversy around this brand. I know many of you are aware of some of the bad publicity surrounding Jeffree Star and therefore do not want to even consider trying his makeup brand, and that’s absolutely fine! However I suggest maybe not reading this post. This blog is a negative free zone and as I’ve mentioned I’m aware of the controversy surrounding this brand and don’t need a reminder or to be judged because I do choose to use the brand.

ANYWAY rant over woohoo lets look at what I have! So this brand is not the cheapest however I am constantly floored by it’s incredible quality so to me it is worth it. I’ve now built up a collection of 8 of his liquid lipsticks and 2 of his skin frost highlighters. Let’s dive in with the highlighters!

The two skin frost highlighters I have are King Tut and Peach Goddess. King Tut, as seen above, is an ethereal coppery gold highlighter. A lot of people with slightly paler skin tend to steer clear of this shade however quite frankly I freakin LOVE it. When I wear this highlighter I know I’ll be glowing to the high heavens! Of the two highlighters it definitely packs the most punch and isn’t one I generally wear day to day out of fear of blinding my fellow course mates.

Peach goddess is a rose gold, peachy hued highlighter that looks stunning on every skin tone. As you can see from above it’s more subtle but also slightly creamier in consistency than King Tut. This is the one I reach for for my everyday looks as it gives me a beautiful stand out glow without being too overpowering. Also I swatched a mixture of the two (as seen above) and how GORGEOUS. These highlighters are so versatile but also you get SO much product as well. At £25.50 each they are a tad pricey but for the amount you get, and how fabulous they are, it’s so worth it.

Below are the liquid lipsticks I own which are part of the Jeffree Star permanent collection.

Celebrity skin has been one of the ‘must have’ liquid lipsticks of the collection and is unbelievably popular. It’s described as a soft brown nude with a peachy undertone. I reach for this one the most as it’s the perfect nude lip that goes with anything.

Gemini is one of my more recent buys and is described as a terra-cotta warm-toned nude. To me it’s more of a browny pinky nude which is super pretty on.

Leo is one I brought at the same time as Gemini since I couldn’t choose between the two haha and is described as a true matte honey brown. I’d say it’s a little deeper in colour than as described but it’s definitely a true brown colour that is absolutely stunning.

Androgyny is the other cult favourite of the liquid lipsticks and it seems like everyone wants their hands on it. It’s described as a sultry plum mauve and I’d say it has a slight purple undertone which is what makes this shade so unique! All of these in the permanent collection have a ‘Root Beer’ scent which is very subtle.

Below again are the holiday collection liquid lips I have.

Watermelon soda was the first liquid lipstick I got from Jeffree Star as the summer collection was the first of his brand to be sold on UK based site BeautyBay. The colour is so bright which usually I shy away from but I just had to have it! It’s a corally pinkish red. It also smells INCREDIBLE. Honestly like watermelon sweets. So good.

The next three are part of the most recent holiday collection.

Pumpkin pie is a secret favourite of mine, as it’s so different from my usual taste but I fall in love with it every time I put it on. It’s a burnt orange toned shade with specks of gold glitter in it. I didn’t feel I could pull off orange but every time I wear it I feel amazing.

Sagittarius is my most recent purchase since for a limited time it was on sale. It was a gamble since I’m into my brown nudes but I love it, it’s so different. It’s described as a mixture of nude and mauve, though I’d describe it as a light mauvey purple. I think this will look insane with my hair when I (hopefully) dye it a more white blonde.

Lastly Designer Blood. Sister to unicorn blood. Personally I can’t see the difference between the two… It’s described as a dark rusty red which I agree with however it’s supposed to have a gold sheen that I’m just not seeing. Maybe I got a dodgy one? Because this is the only shade that once dried it moves. If I tap my lips I get red fingers. And it stains my lips when I remove it 😦 I love the colour but due to these problems it’s probably my least fav.

SO THERE WE HAVE IT. My collection of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which hopefully will grow in the future! I can’t recommend his products enough. The liquid lipsticks are so comfortable for all day use and as matte liquid lips go, it’s not too drying. They all retail at £16 each. Every can be found on BeautyBay.

Let me know your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection

  1. Some lipsticks tones are really pretty and I see myself even wearing them. However, the packaging is something I can’t get over with. For me the packaging looks like it’s aimed to kindergarten children. I’d love to see more mature like design.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FML definitely thought I’d replied to this I’m so sorry!! Yeah I agree the packaging is a little like the make up you used to get in magazines isn’t it ahha! But his new collab with Manny, the packaging for that is so much nicer 😍


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