Bloggers Who Brunch Launch

Hey all!

So lately I’ve been swamped with coursework and deadlines and all that jazz, and quite frankly I’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut. Things have been rough lately and I’ve been feeling down in the dumps, so I thought why not find a spare few minutes to write about something I did recently that made me happy. SO HERE WE ARE.

So on the 29th of April I went to my very first Blogger’s event woooo! If you’d have told me 4 years ago that I’d be travelling to London alone to go meet with a bunch of people I met online through blogging, I’d have given you a look much like that side eye chloe meme. chloe-meme-original

But what do you know, I did it!! And I had the most amazing time. It was the Bloggers Who Brunch launch event run by Kirby Small. I met with so many amazing girls (who I’ll list at the bottom), so many of us met up before hand that we actually made up like a good third of the event! It was so lovely to meet people before though, and to have people to walk in with. We all went for a cheeky costa just before the event, which nearly made us late since the staff didn’t seem ready to deal with the sudden swarm of girls that came flooding in! 

We then headed over to the penthouse where the event was held which was such a gorgeous little space! During the event we all nibbled on some free popcorn and listened to a youtube talk from the stunning LexiLife  and a photography talk by the talented Katherine Mcmorran . Obviously had to get plenty of photos in too!

After the event our big group decided to go for pizza since we didn’t have time to grab lunch in the end, so 12 of us ended up in Pizza Express which was such a great shout because who doesn’t love pizza express? We all then headed home, I was lucky to enough to be on the same train line as Jade, one of the girls from the group, which was really nice and made the journey go so quick! We all had such a fab day that a few of us got talked into buying tickets for another bloggers event this month, so we can all meet up again! 

I’ve always really loved the blogging community, it’s been a supportive, safe place for me, and to get to meet such a friendly, amazing group of girls through it is so cool to me. I’m buzzing to see everyone again soon at the next event!


The amazing girls I met:

(Sorry if I forgot anyone! So many people haha!)


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