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Q&A a day : 5 Year Journal

Hey guys!


Personally I’ve never been able to keep up a diary, I always wanted to and I envy anyone who manages to do it! I had one when I was younger and I love to look back and read through it , like a little window to the past.  One of the reasons I started this blog was a way of documenting any special things I do, so I can look back on it like I do my diary. So around a year ago I was watching one of Zoella’s monthly favourite videos, and a particular item caught my eye. This was the Q & A a day, 5 year journal. It’s essentially a diary with a twist.

It’s made up of 365 pages, one for each day, each of which have a unique question on them at the top. Below the question is 5 blocks of lines, one for each year. So the point of the journal is to answer a new question every day, then the next year comes round and you do it all again beneath last year’s answers. Personally I think this a super fun way of keeping something similar to a diary, and the fact there is a different question each day makes it more interesting and easier to keep it up.

I started this at the end of October since I received it for my birthday, and so far it’s up to date. Admittedly sometimes I do forget to do it, but it’s easy to catch up on . I usually try remember what my answer would be for that day, but ultimately it doesn’t matter! Since starting it I’ve been on work placement for a year, but for next year’s entries I’ll be at university, so it’ll be interesting to see the difference in my answers. My placement got off to a very rocky start so hopefully my answers next time round will be a lot more positive haha!

All in all it’s a gorgeous little journal , it looks like something you’d see in the library at Hogwarts, even the pages have golden edges! You can currently get this from Amazon, they have a whole range so they have ones for couples, mums etc,  but this is the standard version. I also think it would make such a lovely gift!

Let me know your thoughts, whether you keep a diary or something similar!

The quiz this post is “How Bridget Jones are you?” I got ‘Entirely Bridget!’ Haha!!

Let me know what you got 🙂



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